A downloadable game


Play endless levels with various rewards and changing difficulty! Who knows what lies ahead!

Versus 🥊
Challenge your friends to find out who is the better mental calculator!

Challengers 👾
Fight challengers who invade you in campaign mode and unlock their skins!

Improve your mathematical skills. Increase your mental calculation speed!

Quests 📜
Continuous goals to complete and earn rewards!

Adjusting Gameplay 📊
Gameplay that adjusts to your playstyle!

How to Play:
- Solve the given equation in the bottom of the screen by pressing the correct answer.
- Correct Answers provide bullets to your ship, which it uses to fight the enemies.
- Incorrect answers cause a `system failure` for a few seconds, which makes you unable to provide any input to your ship. You ship however can still use its collected bullets to fight.

Extra info:
We, at Rasofia Games, are very transparent on how we work. So if there are any questions regarding the software we used, our game design methods, how we solved technical matters / code in general. We are happy to comply. We are very keen on communities and the sharing of knowledge it so promotes.

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